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What happens next?

So Christmas is over and one presumes “Bad Santas…” sales will tail off for the next few months.  The promotion and so forth was all great but obviously I don’t want to be that guy who had a book out once so I’m now starting to plan what comes next.  And, if all comes together, it’ll hopefully be an exciting list.


For a start there’s this blog.  The Diary of a First-Time Author articles will continue (or more specifically, restart again!) soon and I’ll try to share more useful advice and information for aspiring authors.  I’m working on two writing projects (more on those later), two music projects (the Awkward Silences and the Count of Chateau Noir, who made the Festive Fifty of 2013 with our song After the Carnival) and possibly a couple of theatrical/performance art projects too.


It’s probably going to be a week or so until things settle down in January and the blog posts start appearing regularly again but I will be back soon…

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