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Download of the Month – “Somewhere I Have To be”

Hi all

It’s a while I’m going to be back and updating this blog regularly over the coming weeks and months.  There will be more “Diary of a First-Time Author”, more writings on disability, wanderings and wonderings into global folklore and more music.

First of all though is the first ever free download of the month.  This month’s free download is a song called “Somewhere I Have To Be”.  We recorded it in the early stages of recording our forthcoming third album and the music was written and played by our then-keyboardist Niall Spooner-Harvey, who subsequently left the band when he moved to America.

In the end we decided the new album would only include songs written and recorded by the current line-up so we decided not to use it but I still think it’s a great song and I think it’s worth sharing:


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New Awkward Silences songs (and an introduction to the band)

Hi all

The Diary of a First-Time Writer series will resume in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, there are some new songs up on the Awkward Silences’ Soundcloud.  The songs “Precautionary Principle”, “How We Lost the War” and “It Takes a Nation of Idiots To Hold Me Back” are all taken from our 3rd album “Outsider Pop”, which’ll be released at some point in 2014 on an as-yet unidentified record label.

I’ve also uploaded nine ‘classic’ Awkward Silences songs as a way of introduction to the band for anyone who hasn’t heard us before.   All those songs are available to buy from Jezus Factory Records.

Lastly we have a new website.  Interesting stuff will hopefully start appearing on there soon.

Our next gigs are:

10th November – The Lexington

22nd November – “Bad Santas” book launch at the Elixir Bar, Euston.

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